Zero Movie Review And Ratings

Zero Movie Review And Ratings
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Zero Movie Review And Ratings

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif

Director: Anand L. opinion

Producer: Gauri Khan

The ‘one and the eleven’ means that the power of a capable person joins another capable person, then it is not equal to two to eleven. But in the context of the phrase ‘Zero’, the phrase has become a math. That does not even add, but multiplied. One multiplication one = one There was a lot of expectations from ‘Zero’. Shahrukh Khan was in a different role for the first time with his superstar. The character of this character is Anand L. Roy is such a relaxed and sensitive director, who is believed to be telling the story. The author of this film is a very capable man, Himanshu Sharma, who has written good films like Tanu Weds Manu and Ranjana, who recognize the beats of small towns. But … this team proved like a team that looks very strong on paper but could not perform according to their ability in the field.

This story is Meerut’s Baava Singh (Shahrukh Khan), whose height is only 4½ feet. Her stature is unusual, but she wants to live like normal people. She is a huge fan of the movie Star Babita (Katrina Kaif) and looks after her dreams. Ironically, people do not behave like ordinary people with him. His friend Guddu (Jeetan Ayub) is one who understands him a little bit.Buwa meets Pandey (Brijendra Kala), who runs the Merriz Bureau one day, from space science officer Afia Yusufzai Bhinder (Anushka Sharma) working in NSAR, Who is suffering from ‘Cerebral Palsy’ and is the leader of the campaign to send rockets on Mars. Afiya initially does not give a price to Bava, but she starts loving her later. Talk goes to marriage. Then the twist comes in the story and the boy goes away after leaving the marriage day and wants to meet Babita. Babita, who is cheated in love with Aditya Kapoor (Abhay Deol), is influenced by her peculiar movements and starts acting as an assistant. But one day Babita extricates him out of jail. After that, he goes to America with his friend Guddu, near Afiya. Afiya is preparing to send rockets on Mars and she is going to get married to Mr. (R. Madhavan). Bouva apologizes to her, but she does not forgive …

Although there are many drawbacks in the script, the film runs fine till the interval, but after the interval, it is completely derailed. It slowed down and it seems to be cumbersome in most of the scenes. Everything happens just as the typical masala decreases in Bollywood movies. Climax had a little chance, but Anand L. in the ‘Happy Ending’ round Opinions also lose opportunity. Dialogues are somewhere good and interesting, especially before the interval, but the script spoils the whole game. The music of the film is fine. ‘The song is very good’ as long as there is a morning in the evening. I have been re-created a riddle of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Qawwali Roz Tarh’, which is a witch-hunter. The rest of the songs do not leave any particular effect. Manu Anand’s cinematography is good. Anand Roy used VFX first in his film and has done well. The length of the film is high, it can be relaxed by 20-25 minutes. Then maybe the movie would have been better.

Shah Rukh Khan’s role in the film is different, but in the entire film, he felt Shah Rukh Khan. The acting of Shahrukh has made his lasting impression. Anushka’s character was challenging, and for this, she has tried a lot. It has also been quite successful. Although this character has not been crafted very well. Katrina is just like show-piece. Zeissan Job has always influenced as usual. Tigmanshu Dhulia as well as the father of Bauvaa Ashoka is also fine. Abhay Deol and R. Madhavan is in guest role. Apart from these, Sridevi, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Juhi Chawla are also seen in the film. Salman Khan is also in a song, in which Ganesh Acharya and Remo D’Souza are also known for the dance scenes. Despite this, the film of so many stars could not shine.

How will you feel about this film, it depends on how you look at it. If you are a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, then you will love it, because he is better than his previous movie. If you are a filmmaker Anand L. If Rai is convinced of filmmaking, then the film will disappoint you, because it does not even last around her previous films. If you look at it without any predictions, then it’s a movie around an average.


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