Hello friends welcome you all on our Website As you all know, Running is going on for the sixth day in the theaters of Y Cheet India and Rangila Raja. So let us know today that if both of these movies earn a total of world wide earnings from India and overseas, then let’s go.

Rangeela Raja

First of all, talk about Superstar Govinda’s ‘Rangila Raja’, which was directed by Sikandar Bharti in the budget of 10 crores and produced by Prajaj Nihalani. In this film, along with Govinda, Mishika Chaurasia and Digangna Suryavanshi were part of the important role. This movie was given a very negative review at the box office and there was also a lot of controversy about the film by the censor board.

The film was released in cinemas but due to the low screen, the film proved to be a super flop and the film had a gross collection of 2.5 million rupees from India in 6 days, but only over Rs 0.6 crore was collected from overseas. Likewise, the film’s earnings of the film remained only Rs 3.10 crore in 6 days.

Why Cheat India

So talk about Imran Hashmi’s film ‘Y Cheat India’ which is based on the corruption of education and the director of the film is Soumik Sen. The film was made in a budget of around 18 crore, in which Shreya Dhanvantari is included in the role of Imran Hashmi. There was a lot of interruption in the film’s title but the title of the film was changed to ‘The Cheat India’ title.

The film opened at Rs.1.17 crore on the first day as soon as it was released in cinemas. Similarly, this film grossed a collection of 11 crore rupees from India in six days, whereas on the same, only 8 crore rupees were earned from overseas, so in this film 6 days Total World Wide Earnings has been Rs. 19 Crore


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