Uri The Surgical Strike Movie Review And Ratings

Uri The Surgical Strike Movie Review And Ratings
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Film: Uri

Director – Aditya Dhar

Artists – Vicky Kaushal, Paresh Rawal, Kriti Kulhari, Rujit Kapoor, Mohit Raina, Swaroop Sampat

Busy Army Bus with the soldiers passing through a forest in the north-east. Inside the bus, the relation of the uniformed workers in the diminished flame of Antakshari. In any song, cleanliness does not get a break from the sajani and promises to bring a lot of beauty stuff as soon as one gets promotion. Suddenly, when all the tires in the tires lying on the road, all of this suddenly stops. Just a few seconds after a barbaric attack, the bus and the people sitting in it end.

With this view, the movie ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ is a direct hit on the soldiers who draw attention to the terrorist attacks on the soldiers. The film, Ahista-Ahista, moves forward towards a mission like a mounted soldier. There is a lot of wobbling in the middle, but it is successful in entertaining the audience.

Directed by Aditya Dhar, on the basis of the publicly available facts, the Uri attack in 2016 and the response to it has been molded into the film. The story of the story through four chapters has become effective. After the attack on the terror bus in Manipur, Indian Army kills all the militants in the Northeast gathered near the Indo-Myanmar border under a mission. Major Vihan Singh Shergil (Vicky Skills), who is leading this mission, comes into the discussion overnight. However, after this mission, he requests retirement due to his mother’s serious illness. The country’s Prime Minister (Rajit Kapur) removes their confusion, removing his deployment from his transfer limit and moving him to an office in Delhi. So that he can take care of his mother and stay in the army job too. Meanwhile, Vihan’s brother-in-law, Karanj (Mohit Raina), along with many soldiers in an attack on an army camp in Uri, also becomes a martyr. Every person gets shaken from this incident. National Security Advisor Govind (Paresh Rawal) suggests that India should do a surgical strike in response to Uri attack and kill hidden terrorists in their house. Further story is the extension of surgical strike. In terms of look, some characters of the film match exactly with current politicians.

The biggest relief in the film is that in this the dialogue of patriotism is auspicious. They could spoil its flavor much more. Vicky is the biggest strength of the film. He is fully judged with the soldier’s brutality Vihan’s character was neither too loud nor in need of underplaying. Wiki has done this work well. When he screams with his troops and asks, ‘How is the passion?’ Then in response, the enthusiasm of the audiences goes up with the ‘High Head’ soldiers. Music of Sathasta Sachdev, who has given music in films such as ‘Phillauri’ and ‘Veer The Wedding’, is not so much that it can climb on the tongue, but it plays the right accompaniment with the speed of the movie.

And now talk of the flaws of the film. The film does not produce curiosity, it runs on the same path, which is visualizing its move. Some of its developments reduce its reliability. For example, Govind, the character of Paresh Rawal, chooses a drone made of ISRO’s intern for special mission needs, which has not even passed on safety standards so far! Does it mean that a mock drill is going on, or is the life of the best soldiers in the country so cheap? One more thing that seems incredible is that of the Prime Minister, appointing Pallavi Sharma (Yami Gautam) a detective officer as a nurse to take care of Vihan’s Alzheimer’s (last stage) mother. In this film related to a serious Khufiya mission, this type of flaws shine. Apart from Yami in the movie, Kirti Kulhari is also, and through her bhimima, she has been more comfortable and reliable than Jami. Mohit Raina influences in his small role, his screen presentation is fantastic. When the child artist, Mohit’s daughter, speaks, after his father’s martyrdom, the ‘war cry’ (a special slogan that fills the soldiers) speaks, the hives are standing. Along with flaws, this movie is successful in entertaining the audience.

Movie Ratings :-

Stars :- 2.5/5


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