Sultan 8th Day Box Office Collection In China And Worldwide


Sultan 8th Day Box Office Collection In China And Worldwide

Movie Release in china – 31 August 2018

Movie Star Cast – Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma

This Movie Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar .Movie Not Showin ratings in china . Budget of this movie is 90 crore.

Sultan Indian Box Office Collection

Movie Release In India – 06 July 2016

Movie Screen Count – 4300 +

1st Day    – 36.54 crore

2nd Day  – 37.32 crore

3rd Day   – 31.67 crore

And Total India Box Office Collection – 300.60 crore

Sultan China Box Office

Movie Release In China – 31 August 2018

Screen Count – (11000+)

Sulta China Box Office Collection Day Wise 

1st   Day $0.92M = 06.51 Crore 
2nd  Day $1.10M = 07.79 Crore 
3rd   Day $0.97M = 06.87 Crore 
4th   Day $0.43M = 03.08 Crore 
5th   Day $0.40M = 02.87 Crore 
6th   Day $0.37M = 02.65 Crore 
7th   Day $0.31M = 02.22 Crore 
8th   Day $0.02M = 00.14*Crore Till – 01.30PM ( Live )
9th   Day
10th Day
11th Day
12th Day
13th Day
14th Day
15th Day
16th Day
17th Day
18th Day
19th Day
20th Day
21th Day
22th Day
23th Day
24th Day
25th Day
26th Day
27th Day
28th Day
29th Day
30th Day
31th Day
32th Day
33th Day
34th Day
35th Day
36th Day
37th Day
38th Day
Total — $4.55M = 32.68*Crore


Total China Box Office Collection – 32.68*Crore

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Sultan Overseas Box Office Collection

Coming Soon

31th August 2018 – Coming Soon Crore Approx

Sultan Before Release In China

Total – 162.10 Crore Approx

Sultan Worldwide Box Office Collection


Before Release In China – 585+ crore Approx

Sultan Indian Box Office Collection Day Wise

1st    Day 36.54 Crore
2nd   Day 37.32 Crore
3rd   Day 31.67 Crore
4th   Day 36.62 Crore
5th   Day 38.21 Crore
6th   Day 15.54 Crore
7th   Day 12.92 Crore
8th   Day 10.82 Crore
9th   Day 09.52 Crore
10th   Day 07.43 Crore
11th   Day 11.46 Crore
12th   Day 15.18 Crore
13th   Day 04.08 Crore
14th   Day 03.72 Crore
15th   Day 03.42 Crore
16th   Day 03.51 Crore
17th   Day 02.14 Crore
18th   Day 03.81 Crore
19th   Day 05.14 Crore
20th   Day 01.30 Crore
21th   Day 01.25 Crore
22th   Day 01.15 Crore
23th   Day 01.05 Crore
24th   Day 00.57 Crore
25th   Day 00.98 Crore
26th   Day 01.51 Crore
27th   Day 00.34 Crore
28th   Day 00.36 Crore
29th   Day 00.34 Crore
30th   Day 00.33 Crore
31th   Day 00.24 Crore
32th   Day 00.49 Crore
33th   Day 00.78 Crore
34th   Day 00.16 Crore
35th   Day 00.16 Crore
36th   Day 00.15 Crore
37th   Day 00.14 Crore
38th   Day
39th   Day
40th   Day
41th   Day
42th   Day
43th   Day
44th   Day
45th   Day
46th   Day
47th   Day
48th   Day
49th   Day
50th   Day
Total –  300.60 Crore 


Total Box Office Collection – 300.60 Crore 

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Sultan 8th Day Box Office Collection In China And Worldwide


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