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Shahrukh Khan’s Movie Zero Released Two Posters


Shahrukh Khan’s Movie Zero Released Two Posters

Movie has been release on 21st December 2018. In these poster Sharukha Khan look like a dwarf. In first poster Shahrukh sank in Katrina’s eyes – we have seen the moon closely. Bollywood’s King Khan Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Jiri’ is getting a look at the fancy of the fans right now. Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Zero’ release is completely ready and just before Diwali, 2 posters of ‘Zero’ have been released. Shahrukh Khan himself has also posted two posters on his Twitter account and has written separate captions. In a poster where Shahrukh is seen romancing with Katrina, the other poster seems to be playing with Anushka.

Shahrukh Khan tweeted while releasing a poster with Katrina Kaif and wrote – The star of the stars, we have seen the moon closely. In this poster Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif are seen romancing. However, this poster is getting clear that Shah Rukh Khan has played the role of a dwarf in the film.

Shahrukh Khan's Movie Zero Released Two Posters

At the same time Shahrukh Khan has released another poster in which he is seen with Anushka Sharma. Shahrukh has given the caption to this poster – ‘There is only one of my equal in this whole world’. Anushka Sharma is seen on the wheel chair in this poster. There is such discussion after this poster that Anushka is rolling in Divyang.

At the same time, director of this film Anand Lal L. Rai has also released a poster and has written a caption. Director Anand L. Rai wrote- “There are many reasons for suffering in life, but there is only one reason to be happy … when someone says with love that give a goose, then give a laugh … the laughing face of my story .. ‘

Please tell that the film ‘Zero’ will be released on December 21. The movie is ‘Zero’, the film enjoys L. Rai is directing and Shah Rukh Khan is in the role of the dwarf.

Shahrukh Khan’s Movie Zero Released Two Posters
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