Luka Chhipi Movie Poster Release
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The poster of the upcoming movie ‘Lukka-Chhupi’ has been released for Bollywood actor Kartik Aryan and Actress Kriti Sanan. In the poster, Kartik is seen in a fun manner with the artist Sane. This poster has been shared by Kartik Aryan on his social media. They shared the poster as well as the film’s trailer release.

Masterpiece and Kartik share the same poster, writing the same, ‘Will catch or dodge everyone? This is the first poster of the film. The trailer of the movie will be released tomorrow. ‘Laxman Utekar has directed the film. The film has been produced by Dinesh Vijan. Laxman has already done the syntimation of films such as ‘Blue’, ‘Dear Zindagi’ and ‘English-Winglish’. Tell you that the movie trailer will be released on January 24. The film will be released on March 1. In this poster, these couples look very beautiful together.

In the poster of the film, Master Sainan and Kartik Aryan have fingerprints on each other’s lips. While Pankaj Tripathi, Aparashakti Khurana and Vinay Pathak are looking after them behind a door. One hand was placed on the shoulder of Kartik in which he was caught, while Kartik placed his hand on the waist of a piece in which he had caught a turban.

It is believed that Kartik will be seen in the role of a reporter in the film. The film will be based on the love story of Kartik.


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