Kedarnath Movie Bollywood Prediction For Sara And Shushant
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Kedarnath Movie Bollywood Prediction For Sara And Shushant


Kedarnath Movie Bollywood Prediction For Sara And Shushant

Hot movies have been made so far in Hollywood about the devastation caused by the flood. Some were startled and some even earned crores of rupees. Bollywood is also presenting the storm of water in the mountains this week through a love story, whose name is Kedarnath. The film is being released yesterday ie 7 December.

Kedarnath, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, is sacred Shiva Dham, where the horrific devastation in 2013 had ruined everything. Kedar is alive again and in the same way, Sushant Singh Rajput, directed by Abhishek Kapoor and the film of Kareena Nath by Sarah Ali Khan. After many controversies, the film is finally being released on December 7. It is a love story of Mansoor and Mukku, but not like ordinary film criticism. In the film, Sushant has played the role of Mansoor and Sara Mukku.

Love story, disaster genre, real life incidents, music – all of these are ingredients good enough which indicated that Kedarnath would open well at the Box Office. Moreover, the film has the kind of scale and setting that warrants a big screen viewing as well. The trailer too saw a good response coming its way. Moreover, Sushant Singh Rajput is known for his good act and screen presence. Add to that the much talked about debut of Sara Ali Khan and it seemed that Kedarnath would embark on an opening of around Rs. 6-7 crore at least.

However, during the last few days, while the film did carry buzz around it, the hype hasn’t been accentuated to a level where a major opening is assured. The momentum could have been gained a lot more but then the follow-through in pitching of the film amongst the audience has been decent, not extraordinary. That would make a difference between whether the film belongs to the kind that turns out to be a winner from the opening day itself or would have to eventually rely on word of mouth and critical acclaim.

As of now, it is all boiling down to the latter as one sees an opening in the range of Rs. 4-5 crore. That would be a fair start as well for the film as it would at least set a platform for the Abhishek Kapoor directed affair to grow further. Meanwhile, there is going to be competition from 2.0 [Hindi] as well which is set to have a bigger day than Kedarnath even at the start of the second week. This is the reason why the content of Kedarnath would need to be really strong so that it can divert attention from 2.0 [Hindi] which is now a set film already.

The good news is that the week after is open and hence if Kedarnath indeed manages to make an impression, it would have time and space available for it to perform well before Zero arrives on December 21.

The story is about that period when five years ago one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Shiva came towards the side of a ravaged Kedarnath temple in Kedarnath Dham and everything was destroyed but this Himalayan (nature) Tsunami did not harm the temple. Delivered. The story of the film is from the Gori Kund to the Kedarnath Temple till the same 14 kms. This is the story of a young man who works as a Dundee laborer on Gaurikund-Kedarnath road. One day, he was going to Kedarnath with a passenger in Dundee that there is a disaster in the meantime, which breaks the whole path. A girl who came to Baba Kedar’s Darshan was caught in this trap. This mountain boy keeps the girl alive on the palm and protects the girl and then the love flows up.

The film was released in the middle of this year, but there was a dispute between the film’s director Abhishek Kapoor and the former producer and the matter went up to the court. Later the court asked to resolve the matter between themselves. At one time when it felt that the film would be closed, producer Ronnie Screwvala came forward and the movie was started. The cost of this film is about 45 crore rupees, including the campaign expenditure. The sensor has passed Kedarnath with two cuts and passed the U / A certificate. The film will be released in about 2000 screens.

According to Trade Circle, the film is estimated to earn Rs. 4 to 6 crore on the first day.

Kedarnath is a big movie, and there is no other available date for release this year. Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 are doing well at the box office this time, which will affect Kedarnath. The film has to keep its performance strong for a week.The controversy over this film was not only of the producer and director, but the priests and saints of Kedar Dham protested the film saying that love jihad is being promoted through this film.

For Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara, her debut was a distraction. Due to the controversy when it seemed that the film would be closed, Karan gave support to Zaheer and signed him as the heroin of Ranveer Singh in his film, Sitoba. Although Kedarnath is being released first and this month Sara’s second movie, Sibanda (December 28) will also be released.


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