Fantastic Beast 2 Movie Review And Ratings


Fantastic Beast 2 Movie Review And Ratings

The world of students learning the American magic ministry, magazines, orres, witches and magic is once again a messenger to you. Yes, the Tilismi world of the author JK Rolling. In the form of ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’. This film is the second part of the prequel of Harry Potter series films. The last part was ‘Pretentious Beasts and Where to Find Them’. But the second part of this series has not been as entertaining as expected.

The story begins with the disappearance of the film’s villain i.e. the prisoners of Magic Ministry of the Gallert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp). Grindelwald was imprisoned in the previous film Newt (Eddie Redman), a professor of Magic School Professor Dumbledore and a magistrates i.e. (a student specializing in strange magical creatures). Even this time, Grindelwald’s adversaries run away from captivity are dangerous. The Ministry looks into this and takes steps to control it. There is a ban on NewT’s foreign travel, which is why it wants to get rid of it. Newt’s brother Thaisius (Callum Turner), Tina (Catherine Waterton) and Tina’s sister Quinni (Alison Suudol) are the arrogars (magicians who have the ability to subdue evil magicians). Meanwhile, there is a news that Gallbert Grindelwald is looking for a young man who will help him in his cause. After this many people are looking for this young man.

The story passes through many complicated modes, many revelations and enhances the possibilities of this that there will be many more parts now. But after so many years, the sharpness in it, which should have been Talmis, can be seen. Artists have performed well, but the story and screenplay can not be seen helping them. Jakub Kowalski leaves his imprint as Newt’s friend. Like I have not traveled in the bucket till now, their dialogues puff up the audience. Their sense of expression, style and style of speaking are all special. Eddie Redman has also done justice to Newt’s role. Johnny Depp influences the role of Villain, but if the character gets scared and scares, then the film could get more strength. The violin-based background music of the film is good and is consistent with the pace of the film.

Hindi dubbing of the movie is weak. In these movies, the word ‘megawu’ has been used for a person who does not know magic. But in ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ when you hear the word “unjuded” in place of the ogmo, it is a strange tension. This kind of irritation produces many more words of the film. If seen, the Dabing of the Harry Potter series was correct. But this time the case is not a few deposits. And who names such as Pinky, Bunty, Tina, brother? There should also be a match with the name of the name. Whatever the person does, the public will not forgive him!


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