Emram Hashmi Movie Title Has Been Changed

Emram Hashmi Movie Title Has Been Changed
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Once again, the censor board has dropped on a Bollywood film. We are talking about Imran Hashmi’s ‘Chet India’, which will be released next Friday, whose title has changed. The censor board has objection to the reason for the change of the film’s title just a few days before the film’s release. Describing the title of the film, the film had said that the title of the movie is confusing and controversial. After this, the manufacturers have made a change in the name of the film by showing it wisely.
‘Cheat India’ now made ‘Y Cheat India’ …

Now the name of this film has been changed to ‘Y Cheat India’. According to a report by the Mumbai Mirror, sources said that the Censor Board (CBFC) had seen the film on Thursday and they found the title of this movie as objectionable. After this the producers had to make changes in the name of the film. After making a change in the name of the film, manufacturers have issued a statement, “The CBFC had concerns about the film’s name, Cheat India. We told the Examination Committee and the Examination Committee because these names have been public since about one year and have been published in all places including trailers, TV promos. A week before the release of the film, there will be a lot of problems in making changes in its name, but due to the short term, there was no alternative but to compromise, and hence the new title – Y Cheat India.

Please tell that this film has been directed by Soumik Sen. In this film, Imran Hashmi is in the role of a thug who earns money in lieu of passing the exams in a fraudulent manner. This film was to be released on 25 January with the first ‘Manikarnika’ and ‘Thackeray’. But later it had to change in its release date and now the film is to be released on January 18, 2019.


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