Bumblee Movie Review And Ratings

Bumblee Movie Review And Ratings
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Film :- Bumblee

Genurs :- Action, Sci-Fic

Talk about the Hollywood films released in the past few years. If the non-human character shown in the film is curious on the screen, then she is the ‘Gariyans of the Galaxy Volume 2’ character, ‘Baby Groot’. Yes, a small kid, made of the same timber, who used to cry a ‘I’m Groot’ every time and used to do the right thing, which was forbidden to do it. And now the profession is ‘Bubbly’, the character of ‘super cute’ crossing the threshold of the cutness. A movie of ‘Transformers’ series will introduce us to such a character, this was expected, but it has proved to be true. Despite being a mechanical species such as a transformer, this character is manipulative with its innocence, and does not know when it falls into the heart. If Bambalbei is called the Transformers series best film, then there will be no exaggeration.

The film begins with some developments in Transformers’ Planet Cybertrone, where the friends of the humans are on the verge of losing the Transformers Autobots, the enemies of humans, during the war with the Transformers Dysepticons. AutoBoots leader Optimus Prime orders his major Transformer B-127 to land so that he can make a temporary base for the war in the future there. B-127 does this, but on earth, he is confronted with a dysepticone called blitzwing. Blitzwing destroys the B-127’s voice box and its memory, but, despite being wounded, B-127 eliminates blitzwing. Finally, he takes the form of a Volkswagen Beetle car standing there.

This story was coined in 1987. After these activities of Transforms we meet 17-year-old girl Charlie. Charlie works like selling hot dogs and making carts in the garage. Charlie’s mother, who lost her father, has taken another marriage. One who always feels lonely, Charlie works in the garage, one day he gets a look at the old Khataara Volkswagen Beetle car, and on the day of his birthday, the garage owner asks for that car. This is the same car, which was modeled by B-127 Transformers. The respected owner accepts this fate. Charlie brings the car to his home garage. One day, he is doing fine by opening his parts and changing the car into the transformer (B-127). Charlie is scared of this change, but when he sees that the transformer himself is scared of him and is in a hurry to hide, then he is somewhat comfortable. The friendship of both of them gradually becomes. What does this friendship bring to color, what happens to the disinfectants’ disorders? Whether the memory of Bumblebee comes back or not, the answer to all these questions is better than seeing the film.

Charlie Bunny in the film, Hailey Steinfeld, has acted as an actor. She is in the role of a solo, orphaned teenager girl. His chemistry with Bumblebee is very strange. In one scene, he is training Bumblebee that if he says in the form of ‘codeward’, ‘someone has come, hide it’ … then it is to do so … by saying so much he has a large sand pile Are hidden behind. Bubblebill makes them a small sand pile and sits down behind it, without thinking that there is nothing more than a handful of sand in front of its body size. There are many such scenes in the film, which also bring laughter and also come in love with Bambal’s innocence. It should be complimented by screenplay writer Christina Hodson and director Travis Knight. The biggest interest of the character of Bumblebee is that in helplessness and innocence, which always keeps on the face of his machine. It was not easy to show a machine character so lively and it is possible, for which every person associated with the film’s production is worthy of praise.

John Cena is also in a special role in the film (Jack Bowers, an army officer) whom he has done well. Also in the role of Charlie’s friend Memo in the George Landberg Junior movie, he is in charge. The music of the film also follows. The special effects are very strong. This film will be liked by children, adults – all.

Ratings :-

 If this film is to be talked about, then everything is good in this film. The film gives Ratings 3 stars in 5 So friends tell you how much you would like to give this movie. Please tell in the comment box are you going to watch/you watched movie is blockbuster


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