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Box Office Collection : 2.0 1st Day Worldwide


Box Office Collection : 2.0 1st Day Worldwide

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s science-fiction thriller film ‘2.0’ have started banging at the box office in Tamil Nadu. Hindi version of the film has not performed according to the expectations.

Box Office Collection : 2.0 1st Day All Details

Shankar’s Hindi version of Film 2.0, made Rs. 20.55 million on the first day at the domestic box office. It comes in the category of Hindi films but not in the original category. Bahubali 2 was a dubbed in Hindi, the first day 41 crores of rupees before that was 1995 before us and the film Hindustani made a strong collection in Hindi Dub version in 1996.

The film has got an opening of Rs 55 crore from the Indian box office. The movie non-hollywood has been released and the real test will be on this weekend, in which it will be challenging to get 100 crores in a four-day collection.

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The film got a collection of Rs. 2 crore 64 lakh on the first day at the Chennai box office. At the Tamil Nadu box office, the film has got opening of 17 crores. In Chennai, the film has surpassed the collections of the Vijay Starrer Film Government’s collection of 2 crore 37 lakhs. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have got a gross collection of Rs 18.50 crore on the first day, while Karnataka has earned about Rs 8 crore 25 lakhs.

There is no big opening of this film in Kerala. On the first day, the film got a collection of Rs. 4 crore 13 lakhs. Earlier in Kerala, the government had taken 60 million and Mersal had opened the bank with Rs 4 crore 65 lakh.

On October 1, 2010, a film was released in Tamil in the name of director Shankar Shaddumgham. In Hindi, his name was Robot. This is the second part of it. In the 2.0 … Rajinikanth is in the role of his scientist and robot. Akshay Kumar has been made villain. Amy Jackson has replaced Aishwarya Bachchan this time. There is also a roll of Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kala Bhawan Shajan and Riyaz Khan. In this story of the robot, the threat to the mobile phone has been told in the coming days. With the running time of about two hours and 28 minutes running, the cost of the film was Rs 550 crores. This is India’s most expensive. Film 2.0 was released simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and there is also a dubbing version of the film in nearly ten languages.

Movie 2.0 has been released in 6600 screens. These include 3500 in Hindi, 2500 in Tamil and 600 screens in Telugu. By combining overseas, these numbers are about 10500. The film was supposed to be coming to Diwali in the first 2017 and again it was planned to release on 26th January this year but the work was not completed.

In the year 2010, the first part of 2.0 was released in Hindi as a robot, which collected a collection of Rs 23 crores 84 lakhs. Gross collection was combined with all versions, Rs 162 crores.

According to the information received in Australia, the number of shares released in the 54 locations was 2. 0 on the first day, there were 168,287 Australian dollars i.e. 1 crore 17 lakhs. 11 lakh 85 thousand rupees have been received from New Zealand’s 19 screens.


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