2.0 Movie : Break 5 Big Record Of Bollywood
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2.0 Movie : Break 5 Big Record Of Bollywood


2.0 Movie : Break 5 Big Record Of Bollywood

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer ‘2.0’ have just been released on two days, and this movie has begun to hit the box office. The film has signed on 100 million clubs [the first day of its release]. Apart from taking entry in this club, there are many such records which the film has made and broke. Let’s tell you about them –

1. 2.0 Akshay Kumar’s first such film, which earned 100 crores on his first day. Any other film from Akshay has not earned so much money in the first day.

2. 2.0 Superstar is Rajinikanth’s first film, which has made Tamil Nadu the biggest opening. The film earned about 26.7 million rupees on its first day. Rajni’s last best film, Kala, earned Rs 17 crore in Tamil Nadu.

3. Rajinikanth has many fans in the Telugu States and the result of this is that the film ‘2.0’ has become the highest grossing film of Rajni’s Telugu career. The film has a business of about Rs 18 crore in Telugu States in a day which is the highest number of Rajinikanth’s biggest ever so far.

Rajinikanth-Akshay's '2.0' Leaked, Made By Makers This Big Statement

4. Karan Johar has presented the Hindi version of the movie ‘2.0’ and the trade experts expressed the hope that the film will earn between Rs 20 and 25 crore on the first day of the release. This is true and this film has earned around Rs 26 crores in the Hindi version worldwide, which is second to Bahubali.

5. Talking of Bahubali, 2.0 has become the second movie after Bahubali, which has earned 100 crores on its first day of its release. The reviews of the movie ‘2.0’ are coming in the way that it can be a tough fight for Bahubali


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