2.0 Movie : 1st Weekend Oveseas Collection Country Wise
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2.0 Movie : 1st Weekend Oveseas Collection Country Wise


2.0 Movie : 1st Weekend Oveseas Collection Country Wise

Movie 2.0 has been released 3000+ screens on Overseas. 2.0 is playing across 6800 screens in India and there are three versions of the movie available: 2D, 3D, 4DX. Basically, the film is available in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi versions. Insiders have predicted that the Shankar directorial will atleast clock in Rs 100 crore on its first weekend as there are no major releases to compete with this ambitious movie. Here is how the movie has performed outside India on Day 1. Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 opened to about 70 – 80 percent occupancy on its first day. It is a massive number for any film.South superstar Rajinikanth, Bollywood star Khiladi Akshay Kumar’s film 2.0, which has been released worldwide, after watching this movie, both of them have become fans of the star like crazy, this film was waiting for a long time Which is over today and from morning till its shows are going housefull, the viewers are very excited to see the movie released after a long wait.

Country Name Weekend Weekend Gross (Country Currency) Screens Total Gross (Country Currency) Total Gross (INR.)
United States Of America 1st 2,500,653 USD 291 3,463,699 USD 24.31 Crore
United Kingdom and Ireland 1st 305,464  (£) 147 419,245  (£) 3.75 Crore
Australia 1st 940,119 (A$) 57 940,119 (A$) 4.85 Crore
New Zeland 1st 181,160 (NZ$) 26 181,160 (NZ$) 0.87 Crore
Malaysia 1st 1,699,655 (MYR) 36 1,699,655 (MYR) 2.85 Crore
Germany 1st 17,199 (€) 23 17,199 (€) 0.14 Crore
Singapore 1st 64,392 (S$) 4 64,392 (S$) 0.33 Crore

2.0 has embarked on a flying start at the North America box office. It has collected approx. 3.46 mil. USD [Rs. 24.44 cr.] in its opening weekend in the overseas.


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